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What if my child is exposed to COVID-19 or contracts it (in or outside of the Kids’ League)?

We have a complete protocol in place as required by DEEC if a child is exposed to COVID-19 or contracts it. This includes the following regulations: If a Child Becomes Symptomatic: If a child becomes symptomatic, programs must follow the protocols below: (1) Immediately isolate from other children and minimize exposure to staff. (2) Whenever possible, cover children’s (age 2 and older) noses and
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What should I expect when I drop my child off at the Kids’ League?

<p>&#10004;A warm greeting from our amazing staff!<br>&#10004;At our check-in station, a staff member will ask you to give:<br>&#10004;Verbal verification that your child and any household members have not had any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours:<p> Fever (temp. of 100°F or above), felt feverish, or had chills Cough Sore throat Difficulty breathing Gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting)? Fatigue? (Fatigue alone does
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What safety measures are in place at the Kids’ League to safeguard my child’s health and safety?

In addition to our high standards of health and safety measures, some additional measures include, but are not limited to: Daily screening and temperature checks for the children Mask wearing for all KL staff Encouraged mask wearing for children (at the discretion of parents and staff) Small, consistent groupings of children with dedicated staff (10-13 children per group max with 1-2 staff members per
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What is the KL doing to stay up-to-date with current health regulations and updates from DEEC and local health officials?

Sarah Noland is our COVID-19 Regulations Coordinator and is regularly keeping up to date and implementing any changes suggested by DEEC, the Westford Board of Health, and other applicable agencies. If you have specific questions regarding COVID-19 regulations, please reach out to Sarah Noland. Phone:  (978) 692-6733 or by e-mail: kidsleagueofwestford@gmail.com.

What should I do each day BEFORE I bring my child to the Kids’ League?

Screen your child! This includes checking your child for symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal symptoms, new loss of taste/smell, muscle aches, or any other symptoms that feel like a cold. Anyone with a fever of 100F or above or any other signs of illness will not be able to attend the program. Wear a mask.  A teacher will be screening
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How will I be alerted if there are any incidents with COVID-19 at the KL?

If any of our staff or children are exposed to COVID-19 or contract the virus, we will inform the families whose children are attending at that time, while maintaining confidentiality.

What about refunds if my child or I get sick with COVID-19?

If you or your child contract COVID-19, we will refund you for any time missed because of the illness and/or quarantine time.

What will the group sizes be?

The children will be placed in group sizes with up to 10-13 children and 1-2 staff members.

What should I do if my child is absent?

Please inform us if your child will be absent via e-mail or phone call. We do not need to know why your child is absent unless it is because of illness. In that case, please let us know that it is health-related as we are required to keep records of illness-related absences.

Does my child need to wear a mask?

According to DEEC, the Kids’ League needs to encourage the wearing of masks or cloth face coverings when possible and at the discretion of the parents for children who can safely and appropriately wear, remove, and handle masks. Since this matter is up to the discretion of the parents, if you feel that you do not wish your child to wear a mask, please
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