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What if my child is exposed to COVID-19 or contracts it (in or outside of the Kids’ League)?

We have a complete protocol in place as required by DEEC if a child is exposed to COVID-19 or contracts it. This includes the following regulations:

If a Child Becomes Symptomatic: If a child becomes symptomatic, programs must follow the protocols below: (1) Immediately isolate from other children and minimize exposure to staff. (2) Whenever possible, cover children’s (age 2 and older) noses and mouths with a mask or cloth face covering. (3) Contact the child’s parents and have the child picked up as soon as possible. (4) Follow the program’s plan for the transportation of a child who has developed symptoms and who relies on program transportation.

If a Child or Staff Contracts COVID-19: Sick children or employees who are COVID-19 positive or symptomatic and presumed to have COVID-19 must not return until they have met the criteria for discontinuing home isolation and have consulted with a health care provider. Determine the date of symptom onset for the child/staff. Determine if the child/staff attended/worked at the program while symptomatic or during the two days before symptoms began. Identify what days the child/staff attended/worked during that time. Determine who had close contact with the child/staff at the program during those days (staff and other children).
(1) If the individual tests positive for COVID-19 but is asymptomatic, isolation may be discontinued when at least 10 days have passed from the date of the positive test, as long as the individual remains asymptomatic. For example, if the individual was tested on April 1, isolation may be discontinued on or after April 11 if the individual still has no symptoms.

Notifying Required Parties: In the event that a program experiences an exposure, programs must notify the following parties. (1) Employees and families about exposure but maintain confidentiality. (2) Local board of health if a child or staff is COVID-19 positive. (3) Funding and licensing agencies if a child or staff member has tested positive.

Self-Isolating Following Exposure or Potential Exposure: In the event that a staff member or child is exposed to a sick or symptomatic person, the following protocols must be followed. (1) If a child or staff has been exposed to COVID-19, regardless of whether the individual has symptoms or not, the child or staff must not be permitted to enter the program space and must be sent home. Exposed individuals must be directed to stay home for at least 14 days after the last day of contact with the person who is sick. The program must consult the local board of health for guidance on quarantine for other children and staff and what additional precautions will be needed to ensure the program space is safe for continued child care services. (2) If an exposed child or staff subsequently tests positive or their doctor says they have confirmed or probable COVID-19, they must be directed to stay home for a minimum of 10 days from the 1st day of symptoms appearing AND be fever-free for 72 hours without fever reducing medications AND experience significant improvements in symptoms. Release from isolation is under the jurisdiction of the local board of health where the individual resides. (3) If a child’s household member or staff’s household member tests positive for COVID-19, the child or staff must self-quarantine for 14 days after the last time they could have been exposed.

If an Exposed Child or Staff Remains Asymptomatic and/or Tests Negative for COVID-19: If the exposed individual remains asymptomatic and/or tests negative for COVID-19, they must remain in quarantine and continue to monitor for the full 14 days.

For more info on all procedures being implemented, please refer to State Regs. https://eeclead.force.com/resource/1591618751000/Min_Req

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