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Having trouble Registering? See step-by-step instructions below.

New Families Registration

  1. “New Families Registration” click this LINK
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Step 1: It will open up to “Account Info” 
    1. Enter your account information  
  4. Step 2: Answer “Children Info” 
    1. Enter your child’s information 
    2. If adding another child, hit “Save and Add Next Child” 
    3. If only one child, hit “Save and Go to Step 3” 
  5. Step 3: “Emergency Contacts” 
    1. Please add two additional contacts (not including Mom & Dad) 
    2. Hit “Save and Go to Review” 
  6. Step 4: “Review and Submit”
    1. Please review that all information is correct, you cannot go back 
    2. Hit “Submit” 

In order to sign up for one of our programs, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Myprocare.com 
  2. Enter your email address 
  3. Make a password for your account 
  4. Click on “Menu” in top left-hand corner 
  5. Click “Registration” 
  6. Click “Begin Re-Registration” 
  7. Click Your Child’s Picture  
  8. Click “Select Programs” 
  9. Register for the program you want
  10. Click “Review Child Information” 
  11. Answer the Questions Provided 
  12. Register Another Child or 
  13. Click “Continue” 
  14. Review the information 
  15. Click “Submit” 

Please note that you will see a zero balance when registering online.

Tuition will be withdrawn for Summer Program by the Kids’ League once the Tuition Express payment form is submitted

Tuition will be withdrawn by the Kids’ League on the First Monday of the Month for After School Program and April Vacation. (April 1st, May 1st, and June 1st)

For Current Families:

  1. To register your child/ren for Summer 2021 Program, log into your account (myprocare.com) then:
    1. Click on “Menu” in top left-hand corner 
    2. Click “Registration” 
    3. Click “Begin Re-Registration” 
    4. Click Your Child’s Picture  
    5. Click “Select Programs” 
    6. Register for “Summer Program 2021” 
    7. Click “Review Child Information” 
    8. Answer the Questions Provided 
    9. Register Another Child or  Click “Continue” 
    10. Review the information 
    11. Click “Submit” 

Health Forms

If your child requires an EPI-Pen, inhaler, or any kind of medication while at the Kids’ League, registration cannot be completed unless the following 2 forms are filled out and returned with registration (with photo of child).

Medication Consent

Individual Health Care Plan (please attach photo of child)

Parents must supply medication dedicated to remaining at the Kids’ League for the duration of child’s time here.

More Information

KL Parent Handbook