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Jessie B.

“I cannot tell you enough how much it means to my family to have a safe, engaging, fun place to send my kiddo to, especially during these uncertain times!  After being stuck in the house with me (and her rascally little brother) for months it was such a relief to return to Kids League!  Our child has come home every day tired and sweaty, with her hands full of the crafts she has made and excited to tell me about the fun she had during her day!  I can only imagine the creativity and determination it must have taken the KL staff to work within the new boundaries imposed by this pandemic and figure out a way to keep the kids happy, engaged and safe. I am grateful to the Noland family and the entire KL team who so clearly enjoy these children and truly care about them.  Thank you!” -Jessie B.

  • Calendar icon September 15, 2020
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